We’re Sure Of Victory, Gbajabiamila’s Supporters Boast

We’re Sure Of Victory, Gbajabiamila’s Supporters Boast

Supporters of Femi Gbajabiamila’s Speakership for the position of Speaker of the 8th Assembly have hailed his victory at the mock election overt the weekend.

The group led by Dickson Tarkghir (APC-Benue) dismissed the protests by the group supporting Yakubu Dogara and expressed optimism that its candidate will get the required votes to win the coveted seat.

While the Dogara group has described the process that produced Gbajabiamila as fraudulent, Tarkghir said the Yakubu Dogara’s support group and all members were adequately informed of the mock election, like any other member adding that the counter statement issued further substantiate their knowledge about the exercise.

He said: “Definitely, they could not have made comments on an exercise they are not aware of. It is unfortunate that some members sought for intervention of the party before their election into the national assembly but suddenly realised that the unbiased intervention of the party in the mock election is inappropriate. Definitely these are not agents of change.

“The Party gave members-elect the platform to elect a popular candidate that would represent the party in the House and we are glad that in the end of that exercise, it was res ipsa loquitur. Had Hon. Dogara won the mock election we would have all queued behind him now but as a mark of discipline and respect for the party we are all behind Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila.”

“We have reached out to our friends in other political parties and we are thankful by their popular response. We also agree that the next speaker of the 8th House of Representatives would emerge on the floor of the house on Tuesday and definitely members across party lines would place merit first because this is the era of change we have been waiting for. We shall meet on Tuesday.”

On his part, Chachangi Chachangi (APC-Kaduna) noted that Gbajabiamila has over 50 members from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have expressed support for his Speakership ambition.

Also speaking, Ali Madaki (APC-Kano) noted that three of Dogara’s candidates participated in the mock election and did not walk out as claimed by Dogara’s supporters.

On his dual citizenship, he noted that the Nigerian Constitution clearly support dual citizenship adding that there was a Supreme Court ruling to that effect.