We are working together, not quarrelling, say FCT Ministers

We are working together, not quarrelling, say FCT Ministers




Coming on the heels of their alleged cold war over the issue of security vote, Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed and his Minister of State, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide yesterday jointly said that they have refused to quarrel despite efforts by those they described as mischief makers to see them engage each other in quarrel.


The two Ministers were on Monday reported to be allegedly involved in a cold war and have avoided each other at recent public functions.


But while speaking yesterday at an emergency stakeholders meeting on the performance of the FCT Administration on environment, social development and traffic issues, Senator Mohammed said that those who were hell bent at seeing the two of them quarrelling have failed.


He noted that though they may have their differences, they have worked harmoniously adding that leadership is temporary.


“I don’t join issues with mischief makers. We are together, we are working together. They are using the figment of their imagination to create rancour between us. They are not happy that we have been together for the past one year without quarrel. Please there is no problem.” he said


The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed has read the riot act to all heads of agencies, departments and senior officials of the FCT Administration who are charged with the responsibility of keeping the city clean, secure and moving.


Speaking in the same vain, the FCT Minister of State, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide carpeted civil servants who according to her engage in rumour mongering, politicking and trying to cause disharmony among the leadership of FCT administration.


While lamenting that there has been a decline in public service in the FCT, Oloye Akinjide remarked that only few officers are always seeing working in most FCT secretariats, agencies and departments.


Her words: “We need to change our approach. We have seen a disconnect between the secretaries and directors, directors and senior staff. There is a decline in public service in the FCT. We issued a joint statement today that I and the Honourable Minister are working together and he is the leader of the team.


We are working in perfect unity, harmony and synergy and it is a total false fabrication. I think we addressed it today in that meeting that people should face their job and stop indicting and rumour mongering as well as politicking. Government is a serious business and we don’t have time for anything that will drag us backward.”


The two Ministers however the over 400 personnel of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, Traffic Dir, and Social Development that the environmental situation of the city has deteriorated asking them to either sit up and do their job of shown the way out.


They lamented that litter, street hawkers, beggars and commercial sex workers have practically taken over the city blaming the situation on the mandate secretaries and other senior officials who they noted have abdicated their responsibilities thereby putting the administration to jeopardy.


Senator Mohammed stated that he cannot continue to condone incompetence, inefficiency and lack of performance; insisting that “the tea party is over”.


According to him, “since we came on board we have paid all your entitlements on time, we never owed you a kobo yet and you sit doing nothing while filth, beggars and street hawkers fill the streets”.


“You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Those of you who want to work should work and those of you who are not ready should tell us and we will show them the way out!” he announced.


The Minister remarked that his administration will approach the challenges squarely including restructuring and strengthening agencies to perform better.


He also added that his administration will approach the National Assembly to give the necessary legal backing for the needed enforcement capacity in the city.


Senator Mohammed noted that team work, cross-agency collaboration and the generation of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) are significant to take care of the restructured FCT Departments and Agencies to ensure optimum performance.


He said that the Federal Capital City, Abuja is expanding and the FCT administration has no option but to come up with counter-measures if the government must achieve the desired goals of keeping the country’s capital clean, secure and moving.


Ending the emergency meeting, the Senator Mohammed said he will continue to meet face-to-face with each department including holding a retreat, but at the same time directed that all the senior officials go back to their departments and agencies and instantly address the problems at hand while awaiting the outcome of reports and consultations.


The emergency meeting which is being attended by the FCT Minister, FCT Minister of State, FCT Permanent Secretary, FCDA Executive Secretary, Chief of Staff, Senior Special Assistants/Special Assistants, Directorate staff of the Administration is on-going.