Two Killed As Multiple Attacks Mare Sallah Celebration In Maiduguri

Two Killed As Multiple Attacks Mare Sallah Celebration In Maiduguri

Chris Steven, Abuja
Despite security measures put in place, University of Maiduguri on Sunday night came under a series of attacks when suicide bombers detonated explosives at different locations including the security office where two lives were reportedly lost.
This was confirmed by Victor Isukwu, Borno Police Public Relations Officer, Victor at about 12 midnight.

He confirmed the incident on a WhatsApp platform managed by his office, but only gave sketchy details of casualties recorded.

“Let’s not speculate yet”, he cautioned reporters.

“At Unimaid only one male suicide bomber died; three university security personnel injured among which one later died.”

Danjuma Gambo, a professor in the Mass Communications department of the university who also doubles as the spokesperson of the institution, confirmed in a BBC Hausa broadcast early on Monday that three suicide attacks took place in the university last night.

Residents of Maiduguri who celebrated a hitch-free Sallah could not go to sleep on Sunday night as sounds of bombings and shootings rented most part of the night and early hours of the dawn.

The city vibrated with the first blast, which occurred at about 10:15 p.m. Immediately after it was confirmed that it was from the university campus, another explosion occurred at exactly 11 p.m.

It has not been confirmed if the second blast which seemed bigger recorded any casualty, but it was followed by hours of shootings and sounds of military vehicular movements.