Tribunal Voids 2006 Census Figure For Agege

AgegeThe 2006 enumeration figure for Agege Local Government Area of Lagos State as declared by the National Population Commission, NPC, was voided by the Census Tribunal Abuja and has ordered a recount in 10 villages.

 Agege LGA by the figures declared by the NPC had a population of 461,743 in the 2006 National Population and Household Census which the council contested at the tribunal.

The local government had alleged that some of its localities were not enumerated therefore the figure was inaccurate and did not reflect the actual population figure of the council area.

The council prayed the court to order the commission to do a recount of the areas, to reflect its true population figure.

Delivering judgment on Friday, chairman of the tribunal `C’, Mrs Mary Obegolu, voided the figure based on the failure of the respondent, NPC to contradict the allegation of non-enumeration by the complainant’s witnesses.

The tribunal also held that the respondent failed to tender evidence before it on the enumeration of the areas, adding that majority of the complainant’s witnesses testified that they were not counted.

“The respondent did not go beyond the general rebuttal to disprove the fact that the areas contested were enumerated. The Tribunal, being a fact finding one, does not rely on presumption in dealing with cases, but fact with the evidence before it through the testimonies of the complainant witnesses.

“It is convinced that the areas were not enumerated. The burden of proof now shifted to the respondent who failed to back up its defence with facts or claims of non-enumeration.

“The respondent has failed to discharge the burden of proving its case on preponderance of evidence,’’ Obegolu said.

The chairman added: “The tribunal therefore declares that the population figure of 461,743 declared by the respondent was faulty, inaccurate and unsustainable. The tribunal also orders for a recount of Oka village, Iju, Oke, Orile, Agege, Dopumu, Kpakpa Ashafa, Ishaga and Oko-oba, to reflect the correct population of the area.

“We, therefore, declare the figure as null and void,’’ Obegolu said.