Top 10 Quotes From The Presidential Media Chat

Top 10 Quotes From The Presidential Media Chat

By Biodun Ogundairo

1.We have documents showing that Nigerian crude oil was diverted and proceeds from the oil were diverted to private individuals – Buhari

2. “Nigeria, not borrowing again but renegotiating with creditors” – Buhari

3.“Treasury looters will eventually end up in the courts” – Buhari

4.I don’t think I picked anybody (as Minister) that I know will embarrass my government – Buhari

5.“I cannot see the NASS spending N45billion to buy cars on top of the transport allowance they collect” – Buhari

6.The cost of petrol is so low, you don’t have to subsidize it – Buhari

7.Personally I don’t want to support devaluation of the naira – Buhari

8.Buhari says wearing of hijab may be banned if the suicide bombing continues.

9.If you’ve got any evidence about any of my Ministers I accept responsibility. You have the right to take them to court – Buhari

10. Pres. Buhari says he will work hard to ensure that 60% of the Nigerian budget is on capital projects.