Take Bribe Lose Your Job, DC Warns Marine Police Officers

Take Bribe Lose Your Job, DC Warns Marine Police Officers

Ajibola Abayomi,


Determined to ensure that obstacles to smooth operations at the port is eradicated, the Marine Police Authority, Western Port Command, Lagos has read riot act to the corrupt police officers warning that anyone caught demanding bribe would be thrown out of the force.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Western Port, Adeyemi Gbola handed the warning to the police officers in Lagos.

Angered by attitude of some erring officers giving the Police bad image, the DC stated that at no point was any police officer authourised to extort money from operators at the port.

“Our major challenge in Nigeria is attitudinal concept against positive development. Now that government is talking about 24-hour port operation, we can make it happen. It is possible.

“All we need to do is to correct our attitude and move the nation forward. We need peace and order to turn things around. For police officers, we are ready. Please be informed that no police officer had been mandated to extort money from anyone at the ports.

“We have dismissed many found wanting in the past and we shall continue to monitor our men to do the right thing. If any officer demands bribe from you, you should refuse and follow it up to the logical conclusion. Always be on the side of the law. On what basis should you give money to anyone when you have abided by the law?” he challenged the stakeholders.

Gbola called on all business operators and government agencies at the ports to collaborate in order to speed up the 24-hour operation target.

According to him, the nation stands to benefit more in terms of economic returns.

 “Things are changing all over the world. Talk about policing, we will do our best to safeguard the ports. However, we are not spirits. We need the support of all Nigerians to get things done.

“If years ago, government could not achieve the 48-hour port operation largely due to our attitude, the right thing for us as a people now is allow all machineries being put in place to ensure the success of the new Executive Order on 24-hour port operation.

“Let everyone of us put in our best to move the nation forward. Despite our challenges, the future is bright. Together we can achieve the impossible. However let me state clearly that criminals and law breakers will always be sought after by the police. We are going to make the ports too hot for anyone thinking they can get away by doing the wrong things” he warned.