Tackle Poverty, Embrace Dialogue To Sustain Unity, Ajao Counsels FG

Tackle Poverty, Embrace Dialogue To Sustain Unity, Ajao Counsels FG

By Ajibola Abayomi,


Prophet Solomon Olukunmi Ajao, the founder of Warrior for Christ Mission, Fagba, Lagos wants the Federal Government to focus on improving the welfare of the masses and embrace dialogue to sustain unity of the nation.

These are the cardinal points of his 2017 revelations at the headquarters of his church in Lagos.

During an interview with our correspondent, the cleric advised the government to “move fast to halt recession and embrace dialogue to keep the nation united.

He pleaded with the government to extend hands of fellowship to various militant groups in the nation particularly the agitators of sovereign state of Biafra.

According to him, “we should start the new year with by extending love to aggrieved groups in the country.  Nigeria is better as a big nation than to be reduced to smaller units. The wish of the founding fathers was for us to live in peace where justice reigns supreme.

“The Lord is therefore asking the government of the day to trend softly particularly concerning the agitations of the Biafra and Niger Delta war lords. Those guys are working ahead of the country to achieve their goal but with dialogue we can resolve our differences.

“Government should come to equity with clean hand. The war lords should also bear it in their minds that crisis will do no one any good. I was shown a particular flag of a nation being hoisted in the South East. I want the government to be more accommodating otherwise the Biafra may come to reality this year.

Ajao also admonished government at all levels to tackle hunger in land saying that “except government work hard to reduce poverty, improve health facilities, make electricity stable, employ the youths and seek God, democracy is in danger as revealed to me.

“Hunger is in land. God is not happy because it is manmade. The Boko Haram attack may be a child’s play as I foresee a stronger terror group emerging in the year if the people have no succour. Let those who trust in the Lord fear not or panic, the mighty one has made sufficient provisions for their needs as they will not lack throughout the year.

He raised the hope of those seeking the fruit of the womb. “I saw heaven opening in 2017 and those seeking the fruit of womb being blessed. But let government know that God is angry that lots of poor Nigerians are dying in the hospital over inability to afford peanuts to settle their hospital bill.”

The cleric chraged the All Progressives Congress (APC) and President Muhammadu Buhari to address the dwindling fortunes of the economy saying that “Nigerians voted for the APC to improve the nation and not suffering. The spirit of the Lord says the leadership of the party and the President should hit the ground running to halt the economic crisis or else the government will collapse.

“Buhari should pray to have a successful tenure and peace of mind from 2017. The country needs stability and not iron hand. Fighting corruption is good. All those who looted the treasury should be brought to book but the masses are hungry. If the situation persists, unexpected will happen. There may be abrupt end of the current regime.

“Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and other heads of states should not abandon their statesman roles because of the daunting challenges at hand. Bola Tinubu and other political leaders should not fold their arms watching the nation’s politics and economy derailing because God is demanding more interventions from them.

“Buhari should shun tribalism and look for competent hands across the country to stabilise his government. I was told he was contemplating appointing Nuhu Ribadu to work with him.

 “The angels of the Lord will traverse the nation in the year. Many evil doers in government will be struck. There will be relieve but we need prayers to survive the trying times” he said.