Tackle Hunger Now, Or Forget 2019, Balarabe Tells Buhari

Tackle Hunger Now, Or Forget 2019, Balarabe Tells Buhari

By Ajibola Abayomi,


Elder statesman and former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to work hard to combat the spate of hunger in the land or forget his reelection in 2019.

He gave the warning during an exclusive telephone interview with our correspondent.

The former governor urged the President to concentrate his energy on economic recovery and shunned all political moves aimed at his reelection at he expense of economic hardship affecting the masses.

Speaking against the background of  hunger in the land, as noted by former Vice President Atiku Abubarka recently, Musa said, “what Atiku said in relation to hunger was the reality on ground. The masses are suffering, so no politician should think about 2019 particularly those in power.

“The system has to change for good under Buhari. The economy is not doing well. Lots of Nigerians are dying of hunger. There is no way if the situation continues like this that it will not affect the chances of Buhari during the next election.

He urged the President to step up his plans for economic recovery, adding that “the socio economic policies have to change. No nation can continue like this. President Buhari is the Commander –In Chief of the Arm Forces. There is a lot he can do. He must act to save the system from collapsing.

“The people in government must be told about the danger ahead. Buhari must work with competent people. The economic team and  the direction must be right. If need be, let the President change the people he is working with. The political leadership must come up with solutions to the present recession” Balarabe counseled.

He blamed the President for not taking some speedy actions before the economy slipped into to recession. “Buhari had wasted time before things went bad. What can he do now? He did not act when he ought to so what do you expect? He is already overwhelmed.

“Things are tough now. Both the President and his party must put on their thinking caps to rescue the situation and stop passing the bulk. All hands must be on deck. Certainly, the effect of what is going on now if now quickly addressed will affect the chances of Buhari during the 2019 poll” he warned.