Stop Advertising Suntai, Give Him Medical Attention, Group Cautions


Akin Akande, Abuja

A group, the Taraba Justice Forum, has warned against parading and advertising ailing Governor Danbaba Suntai as a poster boy going fishing, but rather should be given proper medical care.

Reacting to stories about the governor going on a visiting trip outside Jalingo, the group in a statement by its Secretary General, Barrister John Ambulus said the picture was the same self-indicting clip of an ailing leader who should be availed of necessary medical attention but rather being paraded to justify sinister political agenda.

Suntai, who was out of the country for 10 months on medical trip since he was involved in an air crash in October 2013 has struggled to regain control of the state since he returned in August but has been unsuccessful.

The Post exclusively reported on Monday that his attempt to travel abroad for another medical attention is being frustrated by some of his associates who have seized his travelling passport because they fear trip might cause his camp to lose out in the next gubernatorial election

“We studied the fishing picture and we concluded again that our dear governor is unaware of his environment and still the same médically unfit, many leaders have seen since his return to Jalingo,” the group said.

“The cabal decides to parade the governor to justify its scuttling of peace moves many well meaning stakeholders have embraced,” it added.

It stated further: “By shamelessly advertising a sick man as getting well, the cabal is scheming to turn falsehood into truth. The truth, which no whitewash can change is that Governor Suntai is not the writer of his purported resumption letter and he did not also dissolve any cabinet nor appoint anybody into office since he returned.

“By scuttling the peace moves and by opting to forge ahead with the court case, the cabal has reconfirmed its desperation to cling to power by proxy which has failed and will continue to fáil. The cabal has shown it is not interested in the governor and his family,” the group said.