Six Varsities Collaborate On Biomedical Research Promotion


Akin Akande, Abuja

Six federal universities in the country are currently working to promote biomedical research through joint research efforts.

According to the coordinator of the project, Professor Okpere Eugene, who spoke in Abuja on Wednesday the focus of the project was to make the six universities work on biomedical researches jointly as against working in isolation.

He explained that the project would also lead to rapid development of biomedical   research in Nigerian universities even as he added that the project’s portal would boost the Nigerian universities’ ranking.

His words: “Basically as you do know there is an NUC funded committee for promotion of Biomedical research in Nigeria.

“The reason why that was done is the recognition by Nigerian universities that biomedical research needs to be rapidly developed because high quality papers were not forthcoming when it comes to biomedical research. There are many reasons for that.

“What we do was to with support and advice of a consultant, we selected six universities in the first stage. And each university had set up body made up of biomedical scientists, multidisciplinary, inter-departmental.

“And instead of this isolated functional research programs, they will now function as a team so that they can now sit down and support themselves and be able to develop biomedical research in their universities by bringing up high quality proposals.

“This portal was established to serve as a linkage, a portal for which we expect interested Nigerian biomedical researchers in Nigerian universities to put in and register into and they would have access hopefully to over a thousand across the world involved in biomedical research.

“Because of that you are able to identify a university or a professor in New York doing the same kind of research you are doing, you can link up with him and collaborate with him and be able to move more faster than you are able to do when you are functioning alone. Part of the advantages is information dissemination; these committees would be telling us what they are doing in their universities.

“The NUC will be involved in the support, encouragement, which implies like capacity building, advisory, seminar, looking for funding for biomedical research.

“And the whole concept is that a few years down in line we expect that high quality papers published in peer review top journals in the world would be coming from these universities and of course increases their world ranking which is what NUC is concerned about,” he stated.

While launching the project’s portal, NUC Executive Secretary gave assurance to support the project even as he charged the project coordinator to spread the gospel to other universities.