Security forces can’t stop Boko Haram – Shehu Sani

Security forces can’t stop Boko Haram – Shehu Sani

President Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN), Mallam Shehu Sani yesterday said the Islamic insurgency in the north cannot be solved by the reckless display of force by the Joint Task Force (JTF).

Mallam Sani decried the recent alleged killing of 0ver 35 civilians in Maidugiri by soldiers.

He called on the federal government to probe the alleged extra-judicial killings. According to him ordinary Nigerians have become the biggest casualties in the on-going confrontation between the militants and military.

“The Federal Government should probe the reported cases of extra judicial killings and arson by the JTF. The strategy of using disproportionate force in the prosecution of the fight against the insurgents is simply annihilating and alienating the people” he said.

“The counter insurgency campaign going on in some northern parts of Nigeria is becoming as atrocious, senile and deprave as the insurgency,” he said.

“Anti terrorism activities of the Joint task force otherwise known as the JTF has become a blank cheque for gross human rights violations and mass murder,” he added.

In a statement sent media houses, human right activist is indicative of self-defeat.

“The expedient approach of shot circuiting the law and constitutional principles in the fight against terror is inimical, unacceptable and self defeating.”

He maintained that although Nigerians appreciate the delicate assignment of fighting insurgency but it must not be done at the expense of rights and life of innocent Nigerians.

He called on the security personnel to operate within the ethos of democracy and law for its mission to be credible.

He said the reprehensible acts of killings and vandalism by the insurgents cannot be addressed and contained by “the arbitrariness and brigandage of the security agencies”

He appealed for the end of the bloodshed. He said the insurgents are only accountable to themselves but the security agencies are accountable to Nigerians and laws of the land.