Save Us From Communal Clashes, Ibaji Community Cries To Governor Bello

Save Us From Communal Clashes, Ibaji Community Cries To Governor Bello
Chris Steven, Abuja
Worried by the incessant communal clashes that have claimed lives and properties, the people of Ibaji local government area of Kogi state have called on Governor Yahaya Bello of the state to constitute a Commission of Inquiry into the various clashes that have occurred in the local government with a view to bringing a lasting solution.
According to the people of Odochala community of Ujeh ward of Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi state‎, it has become imperative for the State Governor to intervene in the series of conflicts that have bedeviled the Local Government area in recent time which have claimed several lives and properties of people of the area.
A statement issued in Abuja on Sunday by the National Chairman of Odochala Community Association, Joseph Omachonu lamented that human life has become meaningless in the community as a result of clashes.
Citing a recent clash between Ika and Iregu communities in the Local government area in which more than 12 people were killed, Omachonu said it was worrisome how communities such as Uchuchu, Ayah, Omabo, Iyano and others were rising against one another in communal conflicts leaving in their wake loss of lives and properties.
“The conflicts in Ibaji Local Government area of Kogi state is heating up and reaching alarming proportions. It is becoming the order of the day. The good people of the state cannot continue to watch and observe without taking cautions and preventions.
We have witnessed unprecedented carnage, war and conflicts in Ibaji. The sanctity and sacredness of human life are not adequately observed.
The state government under the able leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Bello is invited to constitute a commission of inquiry into the incessant conflicts in Ibaji” he said
While calling on Governor Bello to quickly step in to save the community majorly referred as the food basket of Kogi state, the President of the association also expressed worries over the role of the traditional ruler of Ibaji ,Ajofe John Egwemi who according to him has not used his office as traditional institution to find a lasting solution to the problem.
“The traditional institution that is supposed to spearhead reconciliation as a means of resolution is doing nothing. The institution has failed Ibaji” he added.