Recession: DPC Urges Nigerians To Curb Inflation

Recession: DPC Urges Nigerians To Curb Inflation

Chris Steven,  Abuja

The Democratic People’s Congress (DPC) has urged Nigerians to be patriotic and put the interest of the nation above personal and business interests in this period of economic recession.

The party in a statement issued in Abuja on Monday by its National Chairman, Reverend Olusegun Peters said it is time to demonstrate patriotism and love for the country by reducing prices of goods and commodities produced in the country.

He lamented that the high cost of essential commodities has brought hardship to the masses who could no longer afford three square meals a day noting that the cost of goods and commodities has gone out of the reach of the people who yearn for a better life.

“It is however, manifest that most essential commodities are produced in Nigeria and has no need of dollars to procure them into the country. The prices of these commodities ought not to have gone up leading to the unjustifiable inflation in the country.

It is painful that prices of most agricultural produce have doubled in the recent past as the dollar exchange rate to naira increased.

This is unacceptable, a self-inflicted hardship by fellow Nigerians.

This way we will jointly curb inflation and put the economy on the path of growth and development. With a conducive environment, local and foreign investors would be pleased to do business in the country which will boost the economy.” Reverend Peters said

The DPC Chairman said  economic recession is beyond partisan politics, describing it as an attack on the destiny of our nation and the wellbeing of the populace saying ” we must join hands to build a prosperous democratic nation”.

He also expressed the  support of his party for  the ongoing war against corruption and urged security agencies to investigate, prosecute and recover all looted funds by past and serving public office holders.

The recent arrest and investigation of some Judges for alleged corruption by the Department of State Security operatives is a strong signal that nobody is above the law.

Those who sit in judgement in the affairs of their fellow compatriots must be upright   and live above suspicion. It is a clear message to the Judiciary to cleanse its hallowed chambers as temples of Justice. Justice should not be for sale to the highest bidder, none should it be negotiated for any reason or for no reason whatsoever, outside the rule of law. The need to reform the Judiciary cannot be over-emphasized.

Although the Judiciary through its landmark judgements deepened, strengthened and stabilized our nascent democracy, the recent conflicting political judgements are a   big step backward in the quest at building a just and decent democratic society.” He said