Re: I Don’t Want His Aged Mother In My House

Re: I Don’t Want His Aged Mother In My House

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Dear Agatha,

Greetings!  You are a blessing to those who care to know especially in this present age.  Most women often forget why God created them women.

Please tell the woman in this case, that it will not take her husband a second to throw her out of his house.  A man can divorce his wife but, not his mother.  No decent man ever toys with his mother, irrespective of how much he loves his wife.

She should know that, that friend of hers is interested in her husband.

I pray the God will continuous to bless you for the great and good work you are doing. May your wisdom be greater than that of Solomon, in Jesus Name, Amen.

God bless.

 Mmakwe, I. Augustine

What do I do about my daughter’s lesbianism?

Dear Agatha,

I find your response to this problem very irritating. You lack the right to judge that girl who has made the choice to be a free-thinker when it comes to her sexuality. It is wrong to stigmatize her because you don’t agree with the choice she made.

More and more people no-longer think the way you and her mother are thinking on same sex relationships.  If you must know, people like you and the mother of that beautiful soul who chooses to be free are ancient. You are both old school.

Why should the mother of the lady be ashamed of the choice her daughter made? Being with another woman is what she enjoys so why should people like you condemn her for being true to herself? Like those of you who prefer the old way, she has a right to be with whosoever makes her happy and feel loved.

Her way is the in-thing, a silent revolution of people who want complete control of their lives and decisions. Her choice makes it impossible for her to get pregnant or engage in abortion (for example). Shouldn’t that be a plus for those of you going about condemning same sex relationships?

It is people like you that are preventing African governments from granting this special group of persons their rights to choice. The girl isn’t harming anybody. After all, the body is hers and hers alone. Only that lady can determine what is good for her and she has made the choice that best suits her taste and person. Why can’t you and your likes learn to respect this?

One question righteous judges like you and a lot of people out there should answer is: who are people in same sex relationships hurting? Isn’t it universally said that whatever happens between two consenting adults in the bedroom isn’t the business of anybody? So how come a lot of people are bothered and making major issues out of same sex relationships? Isn’t this double standards and clear violation of the right of choice of this group of persons?

Since it is also said that we cannot tell the heart who to love, shouldn’t it be clear that people who opt for same sex relationships cannot control what they feel or who they want to be with?

Why do we always condemn what we don’t know?

Agatha, you are one writer I respect, but I have to disagree with you vehemently on this issue of same sex relationships. It doesn’t mean I won’t read you again but I want to set the record straight that there is nothing wrong in same sex relationships. A woman has more control of her body in same sex relationship because she isn’t under any kind of tension women in what you call normal relationships have.

Which one is better, having sex, getting pregnant and aborting the child because you don’t want it, or having sex and not getting pregnant? Who is more righteous those of you who abort unwanted pregnancies, or those of us who have liberal sex without ever getting pregnant?

I hope you will be bold enough like the seasoned journalist that you are, to publish this rejoinder so her mother can get to read my opinion too. The mother of the lady should be proud of her daughter because she dares to be different. Same sex relationships have been around even in the Bible times. There is really nothing new about some people wanting to express their love and feelings differently. We all do not have to be alike when it comes to sexual pleasures.

All I’m saying is for people to stop judging others based on their sexual preferences.