Police Lied Against Teachers – RSUBED


From Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The Rivers State Universal Basic Education Board (RSUBEB) yesterday accused the state Police Command of lying against teachers over their alleged reasons for stopping the gathering of 13,000 newly recruited teachers in the state.

Mr. Lucky Worluh, Board Member 1 of Rivers State Universal Basic Education Board said the police must respect teachers and know that teaching is a noble profession.

He said police assault on teachers and subsequent explanation for their action showed that the Police Command in the state has no respect for the noble profession, adding that it would be unwise for the board to write the police because the teachers wanted to take their post letters.

He noted that police explanation that they stopped the gathering of teachers because of the intelligence report that the teachers might protest against President Goodluck Jonathan showed how people have been using the name of the President to create problem in the state.

Mr. Worluh said:  “Why do people want to use the name of Mr. President to play politics at the expense of Rivers people. Who told them that Mr. President is our enemy, how can a Rivers man hate his own brother? It is not enough to say the teachers wanted to demonstrate against Mr. President but how to unmask these enemies of Mr. President.

“Somebody was asking the governor to explain why he gathered 13,000 teachers at a time. But when we gathered them during their interview, test and training nobody asked this kind of question until when we gathered them to take their letter of posting,” he explained.

He called on the police to investigate and get another intelligent report on those who are part of 13,000 newly recruited teachers and stop lying against the teachers.

“Let the police know that members of Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI) who they are serving in this state are part of 13,000 newly recruited teachers and if the GDI think they are not happy with the massive development in the state they should ask their members to resign,” he stressed.

“We cannot send letter to the police because we want to give posting letter to teachers, Police have been existing in Rivers State and teachers have been gathering either for seminar, workshop and so on and nobody have ever teargas us, I think this mess should stop now,” he said.