PDP Warns Errant Members, ‘We We’ll No Longer Tolerate Indiscipline’


Akin Akande, Abuja

The National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, has warned members of the party who according to him, are into anti-party activities to be careful, as the party would no longer tolerate any acts of indiscipline and sabotage from its members.

He said that the warning became imperative to avoid distractions on the party’s desire to retain power by 2015, insisting that it would wield the big stick against any errant member, who tries to stand in its way from achieving its desire.

Alhaji Bamanga Tukur said that the PDP would henceforth begin to invoke relevant sections of its constitution against errant members if only to maintain discipline within its fold.

According to him, the failure of PDP to strictly enforce its laws for whipping troublesome members into line had accounted for the frequent breakdown of confidence among members, on one hand and with the leadership on the other hand.

He said the party was weary of reports of anti-party activities being leveled against members in some states of the federation.

Tukur said the party’s constitution has always been a veritable tool for promoting harmonious relationship and cohesion among members.

The National Chairman vowed that the ruling party would no longer hesitate to wield big stick against perceived saboteurs and agents of destabilisation in its fold, while relying on the appropriate sections of the constitution to serve as guide.

He said: “People say we have crises in our party. It may appear so, but that also shows that democracy is at play in the way we conduct our affairs. We are a family and like any family, we can disagree and then we will agree. We have mastered the game and that is the reason we have been keeping afloat.

“However, we are talking about discipline here. During the PDP Family Diner, I emphasised on necessity for party discipline in line with the vision of our founding fathers. We have our constitution to guide us in maintaining discipline. Our past failure to uphold discipline with sense of seriousness has been the reason some members act in very questionable manners.

“Today, everybody is talking about 2015 with expectations that we must win fairly and transparently. How can we achieve that if certain members of the party go against the rules with impunity, while nothing happens? We have had enough of inconsistencies and loose conducts, and today we say that must stop.”

The PDP chairman, however, said having gone so far in entrenching democracy in Nigeria since 1999, the party’s main pre-occupation would be to consolidate on the gains of democracy.