PDP Crisis: FCTA Seals-Off Adamawa State Governors Lodge


The crisis in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), took another turn on Saturday as the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) sealed-off the Adamawa State Governor’s Lodge in the Maitama District of Abuja.

The FCTA said the action was taken based on “abuse of the Abuja Master Plan.”

A statement by the FCTA signed by Muhammad Hazat Sule, Asst. Director/Chief Press Secretary to the FCT Minister, said: “All the Governor’s Lodges in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja are enshrined in the Abuja Master Plan to be for residential purposes but not for Political Party Secretariat as Adamawa State Governor’s Lodge is currently being used.”

A breakaway faction of the ruling party is contesting control but suffered a setback as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) only on October 2 refused it official recognition.

The faction, which describes itself as the new PDP, has been operating from the Adamawa Lodge since its headquarter was shut down by the police.

Sule stated that the Governor’s Lodge as it is today, “is being used as a Political Party Office thereby negating the spirit of urban planning and causing nuisance and disturbance on the residents dwelling in that area of the city as well as inflicting undue pressure on the infrastructure and services therein, contrary to the principles of the Abuja Master Plan.

“The FCT Administration will not rest on its oars until the entire 250 square kilometers of the Federal Capital City is rid of all illegal structures and/or illegal change of Land Use.

“It may be noted that any change of Land Use is usually accompanied with over stretching of facilities planned for certain number of people; apart from also causing high volume of traffic with its attendant problems.”

The administration warned that it would not condone any action by individuals or group of persons that, “inflict pains on the residents whether directly or indirectly would not be condoned as government is meant to serve and protect the rights of all.

“The FCTA will continue to protect the Abuja environment and the sanctity of the Abuja Master Plan in line with the dreams of its founding fathers; believing that such plans were meant to be obeyed and adhered to,” it said.