Obaseki To Flag-off Agric initiative In Sobe, Friday

Obaseki To Flag-off Agric initiative In Sobe, Friday

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State will on Friday flag-off the Accelerated Agricultural Development Programme (AADP) covering over 1,000 hectares of land in Sobe, Owan West Local Government Area of the state Sobe for the pilot scheme.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor said the government urged residents to avail themselves of the programme, which is capable of raising over 2000 agricpreneurs and millionaires, apparently judging by experience from other states.

The statement  revealed that poverty would suffer a debilitating blow in Edo State and that people would have no excuse to be poor with the anticipated flag-off of the Avant-garde agricultural initiative holding in Sobe on April 7, this year.

As part of the scheme, the administration plans to train interested people in the provision of agricultural services and machineries.

“Governor Obaseki is very passionate about agriculture in the state. Where else in the country will you find the kind of opportunities Edo is providing for our young ones?

“Prospective farmers in other states are busy collecting loans with interest rates to get their dreams of venturing into agriculture going but here in Edo, you really do not need a huge financial capital especially skyrocketing loan interests,” the statement added.

Continuing, the CPS explained that the Edo agricultural entrepreneurs (Agricpreneurs) would be provided with land, mechanisation and improved seedlings that do not succumb easily to diseases, in addition to being linked to a ready market of buyers for their crops when ripe.

“All people have to do is farm. Work. That is all. You will work with barely no capital on your part. Everything is already provided for you. If you are serious with it, you will be a millionaire within months”, he said.

Meanwhile, he also revealed that fertiliser in Edo would soon cost less than half its usual price as soon as the state’s fertiliser companies begin operations.

He said, “The governor has already visited the Edo State Fertiliser company as well as the West African Fertiliser Company in Okpella. The way the agricultural initiative is going, even the poor people in the state will have food on their table, and therefore, reduce to the barest minimum, the level of poverty in the land”.