NOUN Shuts Down Another Illegal Study Centre In Ankpa

NOUN Shuts Down Another Illegal Study Centre In Ankpa

Chris Steven, Abuja

In furtherance of its war against illegal study centres in the country, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) has shut down another identified illegal study centre in Ankpa, Kogi State.

The illegal centre, allegedly operated by one Professor Abdullahi, was domiciled in the premises of St. Charles College in the town.

Fielding questions from members of the university’s Committee on Illegal Study Centres, Principal of the college, Mr. Adama Umaru Roberts, said that the attitude, carriage and conduct of Abdullahi smack of a fraudster.

“This college is a Catholic school. Before anyone does anything in the premises of a mission school like ours, he must obtain authorization from the Catholic Education Directorate. When Abdullahi approached our former principal on this issue, the director in charge of Education in the Arch-Diocese was contacted. The latter asked him to put the request in writing, but he never did,” Roberts said.

“At present, he has gone underground because all the people who registered and paid money to him are looking for him. Even some of our teachers here who registered there have withdrawn,” he continued, adding that since he assumed duties in January as the new principal of the college, he has not seen Abdullahi come to the premises.

“The block of classrooms he operated in has long been retrieved by the school authority, the re-erection of the signboard is something that could have been done at night,” he concluded.

“Mr. John James Ubaji, the Deputy Registrar (Council Affairs), who led the NOUN team, explained that there is no single study centre of the university which is owned by an individual.

Every study centre of NOUN is owned by the community in which it is sited,” he said, adding that a state government, local government, community or an organization can apply for a study centre and it is established for them when all conditions are met.

The Chief Security Officer of NOUN, CSP Richard Ejeh (Rtd), led the team to the Ankpa Divisional Police headquarters where the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Ejike, assigned his men to pull down the signboard of the illegal study centre and move it to the station.