No Amnesty For Ombatse Militia – Al-Makura


Akin Akande, Abuja

The Nasarawa State government has denied any plans to grant amnesty to members of the Ombatse militia.

Governor Umaru Al-Makura told journalists on Thursday in Abuja: “The administration was not considering granting amnesty for the outlawed Ombatse militia of the Eggon ethnic group widely accused of killing and perpetrating other heinous crimes in some parts of the state.”

Al-Makura expressed displeasure that, “a story of such magnitude was published without recourse to what he said while delivering a lecture on the topic: “Contemporary Security Challenges in Nasarawa state at the Institute for Security Studies in Bwari, Abuja, on October 29, 2013.”

“It’ll amount to pre-empting the work of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry set up to ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the killings of security personnel at Alakyo who were on their routine duty and to also unmask their sponsors,” the governor stated.

“This story as published by a section of the media is a figment of the imagination of the writers,” he insisted.

“The report is a misrepresentation of what I said during a question and answer session after delivering the lecture. I only implored security agents to intensify efforts at recovering arms that are illegally in possession of the militia and other unauthorised persons,” he said.

He expressed concern over the inconveniences the report may have caused the public, especially the victims of these attacks and Judicial Commission of Enquiry currently investigating the killings.

While assuring that his administration would continue to maintain peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethnic groups in the state, Al-makura said no stone would be left unturned to bring the perpetrators and their sponsors to book.