Nigeria Must Deepen Inclusive Governance, Says Ghana President

Nigeria Must Deepen Inclusive Governance, Says Ghana  President
Chris Steven, Abuja
‎President of Ghana , John Mahama has urged Nigerian  government not to look back in its quest to deepen inclusive governance, enhance local and foreign  investment and equitable development in the country.
This, if achieved, he said would have positive ripples across the continent of Africa.
Mahama‎ who spoke through Ghana’s High Commissioner to Nigeria stated this in Abuja while delivering a lecture titled; “Achieving Sustained Peace, Security and Development in Africa: The Challenge of Leadership” to mark 70th birthday of former Minister of Communication, Prof. Jerry Gana.

His word :”Like Ghana, Nigeria must not look back in deepening inclusive governance, enhance investment both domestic and foreign for equitable development, when it happens in Nigeria, it is clearly going to create positive ripples in the continent, 

“When you fail to move with change, either you are left behind or you are changed from behind, Nigeria is rich in resources, both human and material, she is born to lead and it must be prepared starting at home.,” he added.

Mahama stated further that governance is supposed to be a creation of the people who choose leaders through existing mechanism that are inclusive and accountable that are seen to be delivering quality service.
He emphasised that leaders are not just limited to political appointees or public servants, noting that both private institutions and CSO’s provide and educational institutions provide leadership.
“The President is the one vested with the overriding authority to be the democratic voice of the people. Appointees are restrained by the supreme law of the land held in check by the judiciary to remain loyal to the people for today and generations to come, but these leaders are not reported, they come from our institutions of learning and professional bodies and faith-based organizations, how are they equipped and motivated to do their own part leading to the development of the state,” he queried.
The strategic interplay of synergy between state institutions and independent bodies must be community based both at local, intermediary, state and to the national level.
The goal according to him was to boost community and national resilience and by extension, they must have a  sub-regional ECOWAS  dimension.
“Africa has been described as a dark continent, the only thing that is true about it is that when it comes to energy access, its about the darkest continent, equitable access will help lighten up the entire continent from the rural to the urban areas is critical.
“There should be a development strategy that can deliver ecological zoning, sahel zone, savannah zone, riverine areas, forest zone as well as corridor development strategy, this will help promote equitable and inclusive development that for the poor,” Mahama noted.