NDDC Promises To Partner With School To End Street Begging

NDDC Promises To Partner With School To End Street Begging

aul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The Acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mrs. Ibim Semenitari has promised that the commission will partner with the Christie Toby Inclusive Education Centre to end street begging in the region through scholarship and other assistance for special students.

Semenitari gave the promise when she was invited by the school as the special guest of honour during a founder’s day celebration organised by the management of the school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital.

Christie Toby inclusive Education Centre is the only school that implemented the Federal government national policy on inclusive education in Rivers State where both special and regular students were being admitted in the same environment.

Semenitari who was represented by NDDC’s Director on Education Health and Social Service, Victor Seigha Glasgow commended the initiative of Christie Toby Inclusive Education Centre and their interest to ensure that children who have one defect or the other are not being abandoned on the street.

The NDDC boss who was worried about the high percentage of children with defect who are not in school because of their physical challenge and the mentality of their parents also promised to make case for the school during the 2016 budget of the commission.

“We commend the management of this school for their interest in ensuring that every child is important especially by insisting with confidence that their initiative will end beggars on the street. The best thing the commission will do is to partner with the school to actualize their dream,” Semenitari said.

The proprietor of the school, Mrs. Christy Toby, the wife of the former Rivers State Deputy governor Sir Gabriel Toby said her school is properly equipped to take care of the regular and special child, adding that both the regular and special students are being treated equally.

Mrs. Toby said, her school is the only school in Rivers State that is implementing inclusive school policy because of her belief that every child born on this earth is important to his or her family and the society.

She called on privilege individuals and cooperate organization to provide scholarship for special children whose parents cannot afford to give full educational training, stressing that it is wrong to abandon a child on the street because of his or her condition.

She said: “The school have provide the same equipment for special and the regular children, if a mother has five children and one is blind he will not thrown him away because he is blind. That was why we provide an equal opportunity for every child here.

“We have decided to end begging in the street by encouraging the special children to be in school. Hence the Unite Nation has endorsed inclusive education for all children, including the special student to be in the same environment with other children.

“When other children are seeing the special children its help them to appreciate what God has done in their lives. Our school was established in 2009 in compliance with National policy on education and is still remained one of the best in the region and it is the only inclusive school in Rivers state.”