My wife doesn’t deserve to be kidnapped – Osun Speaker

My wife doesn’t deserve to be kidnapped – Osun Speaker

Speaker, Osun State House Assembly, Hon. Najeem Salaam yesterday broke his silence over the abduction of his wife, saying that the woman does not deserved to be kidnapped for any purpose.

Salaam stressed that his wife is an easy-going person who does her normal business without the intent at hurting anybody.

“I must say that I was embarrassed by the entire scenario, because my wife does not deserve it, she should not have been abducted for any reason, because she chose to stay with my children in my hometown, doing her legitimate business as usual to support me at the home front. So, if she is kidnapped in order to get at me, then she does not deserve it.”

The Deputy Speaker, Mr. Akintunde Adegboye also urged the kidnappers to release the woman, adding that she has not done anything to warrant the kind of trauma she is being subjected to.

“I urged the people behind this abduction to please consider the children of their captive, think of the trauma she is going through for the reason she could not understand by releasing her,” he said