My Vision Is To Become A Great Star In The Music Industry Worldwide – Festus Abraham

My Vision Is To Become A Great Star In The Music Industry Worldwide – Festus Abraham

Quietly honing his skill and perfecting his skill, gospel artiste, Festus Abraham’s vision is to become a great star in the music industry worldwide. That vision, received from when he was a youngster growing up in Nigeria, has driven him to produce his first album in far-away United Kingdom (UK). From his base in Leeds, he provides insight into his world in this interview conducted via e-mail.

Q: What actually inspired you to go into music?

A: My inspiration as far as I can remember is, I came from a music loving family and am always in the mist of musicians and most importantly I have strong love and passion for music. I love singing, teaching music and playing musical instruments

Q: How easy has the journey been… easier than you thought?

A: The journey has not been too easy as I thought because the further I go, the more challenges I encountered, I can’t give up.

Q: What are the major challenges you are facing

A: Major challenges; money, time, and because I’ve got bills to pay so I have to do other things to raise money. There are more bills to pay over here in England

Q: What are you long and short term objectives

A: Short-term objective is to get my music done ASP and put it out worldwide. My long term objectives is making music a full time career and to be relevant in the music industry and also to affect people out there positively.

Q: Your clear cut plans to achieve them

A: To make out time always and work on the songs and equally future other musicians.

Q: What do you do outside music?

A: I enjoy other activities like drama, football, listening to music always, writing songs and producing singers as well.

Q: How do you juggle it?

A: It’s not easy but I still do create time to pop into the studio to do some work without play  in order to utilise my time.

Q: Musically what are you working on right now?

A: I have songs that I have written and am working with other producers as well.

Q: Any specially project for this yuletide?

A: I’m working on my second album.

Q: Can you give a glimpse into your background

A: I’m from a family of eight and am the last man in the family, I had formal training in music and my love for music kept my desire at the top. At a tender age I have this vision of becoming a great music star in the music industry worldwide.