Mugabe’s Wife Files For Divorce

Mugabe’s Wife Files For Divorce

…says, she doesn’t want  the embarrassment of ”former First Lady” tag

In a bizarre move by the former First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, the South African-born, former Secretary to Robert Mugabe, has filed for divorce from her 94 year old sweetheart.

”Gucci Grace”, as she is popularly called because of her ostentatious life style, told her close pals that she couldn’t face the low down of a life of life after their demise as the first family of the  South African enclave.

52 year old, Grace  was said to have been miffed by the decision of her husband to step down from power, despite being forced to do so by the military hierachy last month.

”She expected to take over from her husband as the Zimbabwe’s President, and the sack of the former Vice President to her husband, Emmerson Mnangagwa was supposed to pave way for her emergence as Robert Mugabe’s successor.

The union consummated about 21 year ago, after the death of Mugabe’s first marriage produced two boys, Robert Junior, 25 and Chutunga, 21.

The duo have even been more in the spotlight than their mother, due to their lavish life style, which they always flaunt on the social media, in a country where about 97 % of the population lives below poverty level.

Findings revelaed that court papers have been filed and divorce proceedings is expect to follow in a move that could be settled, with both parties going their separate ways within one month.