Man, 33, Bedridden For 11yrs After Knocked Down By Cow

Man, 33, Bedridden For 11yrs After Knocked Down By Cow

…needs N9m for limbs replacement

Chris Steven, Abuja

Like every other boy of his age, Daniel Imo Emori was full of ambition after his final examination at the Senior Secondary school level. Even, when financial difficulty posed a stumbling block to his dream of furthering his education, he took his destiny into his own hand.

At 21 he was employed as a machine operator in a plastic company in Onitsha but his quest for better job prompted him to quit the job.

He sponsored himself to a driving school and graduated. Luck smiled on him when almost immediately after completing his driving school training that he secured a job as a delivery van driver with a pharmaceutical company.

Alas! His dreams were cut short and shattered when on the line of duty he was knocked down by a mad cow and suffered what later discovered to be cervical injury.

Welcome to the pathetic world of Daniel Emori, 33 year old man from Adadama Community in Abi Local Government Area  of Cross River state who has been bedridden for 11years and would be 12 years on October 10 this year that his story of life has been changed for the worse.

A conversation on telephone would not. suggest that Daniel who now hopes in God to use his limbs again is of course lying on his back immovable.

Meeting him in his  one room apartment with his assistant,Nicholas  at Dusten Makaranta,  a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja was quite revealing and emotional.

Daniel who is the  fifth in the  family of eight was met lying with his face up unable to turn either way welcomed New Telegraph into the small room both with courtesy and smiles on his face.

It was actually Nicholas who was waiting by the road side to usher in this correspondent into the apartment rented by a good Samaritan, Reverend Charles Nunso Asiedu a Senior Pastor at Lifelink World Outreach Ministry International, Lagos.

Reverend Asiedu who came across Daniel’s story on facebook through efforts of a journalist with National Mirror based in Calabar had brought him to Abuja for proper medical treatment last year.

The story is however best narrated by Daniel himself.

Hear him : ” It was after my SSCE in 2000 that I traveled to Onitsha in search of greener pasture. I was employed in a plastic company as a machine operator. But after two years the company work was not that conducive so I saved some money and went to a driving school. It was after the training that I was employed by one Pharmaceutical company, Rico by name.

So the fateful day was the 10th of October, 2003 as I was on my usual official duty as a delivery van driver. I was supplying our products to our various customers. I parked my vehicle in front of the customer’s shop to off load the goods. It was in the process of coming down from the vehicle unknown that an uncontrolled cow was running at full speed. It hit me with its horns. Immediately I found myself in this condition.

At that moment I was first rushed to a near by clinic and the following day I was taken to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu. After some medical examinations they found that I have an internal injury at my neck: the spinal cord and medical report said cervical injury. They requested the payment of an emergency fee of N75,000 before treatment. So it was when we could not afford the emergency fee after four months that I was discharged. Since then I have been at home.

In 2013, I was chatting on facebook I got in touch with a journalist and as we were chatting I told him my condition and situation. His name is Richard Ndoma, he works with National Mirror in Cross River state and I asked him to publish my story.  He started sharing it on his facebook page and in the process one pastor from Delta state saw the post.

They interracted and the pastor was convinced that what he posted on Facebook was true and he came to Calabar and located my village in January 2014. In February last year the pastor brought me to Abuja and I was taken to one India hospital at Karu, Primus Hospital. On arrival at the hospital,they requested for a deposit of N450,000 and after that they requested for N200,000 for medical examination, he paid it.

After the medical examination, they now requested for N1.2million for surgery and the pastor paid it and the operation was carried out. After I was discharged the doctor recommended a follow up  and that I would be going for physiotherapy and other treatment. It was then the pastor said he didn’t have such amount of money.

They referred me to one physiotherapy center in Wuse, Optimal Center. It was in the process of their own examination that they discovered that both my limbs are stiff due to the prolong time I have been on the bed,  that the total solution is limbs replacement. They then consulted an Indian hospital. They gave them the bill and its about 4, 350 US dollars and it is appropriately N9million and the pastor said he doesn’t have such money.

I’m appealing to Nigerians for help. As you can see my two legs are stiff, I can’t move them.

What about the pharmaceutical company?

At that time there was no means of communication, I was with my mother in the hospital and my elder brother visited us in the hospital and after about two three months and nothing was done. He visited the company at Onitsha and the director brought out the list of the estimate of what they have spent which didn’t reach us in the hospital. He said he has been sending one of the managers.

Presently I’m 33 years old. I was 21 when I had the accident. My mother is alive but she is ageing. My father died June 12, 2009. The pastor paid for my accommodation and also pays this young man monthly to take care of me. It is only my head that is not hundred percent affected but from my neck down is paralized. I can’t fold my hands. I can’t sit down, even to turn I cannot turn .”

Now, he is being refereed to a specialist hospital in India, Saket City Hospital to undergo five different level of treatments.

Specifically, Daniel who is full of hope to walk with his legs again, needs general body examination and evaluation, infection control for the urethra and pressure sores, plastic surgery, complete knee replacement and osteoporosis management.

He looks up to well meaning Nigerians to help him to raise the fund so that he can fulfill his dream in life.

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