‘Leadership Crisis Will Consume APC’-Daniel Richards

By Akin Akande, Abuja
As controversy continues to trail the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC), a social reforms advocate and political analyst from Adamawa state has said that the merger of opposition parties into APC cannot fly.
Explaining why the APC merger cannot go anywhere at this point in time, Daniel Richards said leadership problem is a serious issue why the merger would not work.
Addressing journalists in Abuja, Richards said, “I cannot see APC flying because there is a serious leadership issue. Who will lead? Is it the South-west group that is in the majority? The people that are calling the shot are the people that have the wherewithal to finance the party (APC), they are the South-west group.
“If you are going to APC today you are going as a junior partner wherever you come from. If you are not from the South-west and wants to be member of APC, you are a junior partner.
Any person who wants to follow Tinubu has a problem as this is the fourth time his party is changing name since 1999.
He described the APC made up of parties from the North and South-west as Kangaroo, pointing out that since the June 12 election of 1993, the North has never gone into election as a group, a situation he said is seriously affecting the region.

Meanwhile, the social reforms advocate said if there would be election in 2015, nothing would stop President Jonathan from contesting.
“I am not seeing any person stopping Jonathan. In the first instance it was not your vote that put him there; it is the Supreme Court that decides our issues.
It is not our mandate that Jonathan is looking for, it is the Supreme Court that will give him that. If there will be election in 2015, Jonathan will run.” He said