Lampard Warns Against Over Reliance On Video Technology

Lampard Warns Against Over Reliance On Video Technology

Ayomide, Lagos

Former Chelsea FC midfielder and club legend, Frank Lampard, has warned against a total reliance on video technology during important soccer matches.

On Thursday (November 9) Lampard, who is visiting Tokyo to meet fans and hold coaching sessions, said video reference was fine for clear-cut infringements but some offences which might warrant a yellow or red card should be left up to the referee.

Friday’s (November 10) friendly match between England and world champions Germany will use the video assistant referee (VAR) system. Lampard famously had a disallowed goal against Germany during the 2010 World Cup finals which helped overcome opposition to using a video reference system.

Asked about his management ambitions Lampard said he had worked under many managers and would like to work with a team but had to “learn the ropes” first. He confirmed that managing Chelsea would be his dream.