Lady Survives Stabbing By Room Mate

the victim yesterday at the hospital

From Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

A lady, Ifunanya Okore, almost bled to death after being stabbed by her friend Peace Ogazie who she accommodated in her one room apartment located at School Road Street Diobu.

The victim was severely stabbed all over her body including her breast with a sharp object.

When our correspondent visited Ifunanya yesterday at Police Health Centre Moscow Road Port Harcourt, where she is recuperating after treatment, she said that the suspect who stabbed her had been released on bail by the police.

According to the victim, she accommodated her friend Peace in the house she rented because they worship in the same Church but regretted that her good deed almost cost her life.

She lamented that the Prophet of the church where both of them worship effected the release of the suspect because she is a member of the choir, even when she was still battling to save her life from the attack.

Ifunanya said: “I didn’t do anything to Peace; the only crime I committed is that I accepted her to stay with me. Trouble started when she ask me of her key and I told her that I don’t know about her key because we have shared the keys and there is no way I could be holding mine and hers at the same time.

“That was how the problem started before I could know she has pushed me and I fell on top of glass and she began to stab me with glass object.”

One of the victim’s cousins, Azuika Iromuaya, said it was unjust for the police to grant the suspect bail when the victim was still in serious pain.

She said: “I have expressed my feeling to the police including the Pastor who went to bail her out that what they did is evil before God, though the police has promised to do justice in the matter.

Effort to reach the suspect who was said to have been released by the police proved abortive as a close friend of hers told our reporter that she went out in search of money to discharge the victim from the hospital.

At the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) Divisional Police Headquarter where the suspect was detained, the Investigative Police officer (IPO) in charge of the matter who simply gave her name as Mrs. Kath said police did their job.

She further revealed: “ Ifunanya’s sister is the one that is delaying this discharge of the victim at the hospital, they have refused the suspect to take her ATM card from the house and how do you want her to do? Of course, she has accepted to pay the hospital bill and that is the reason she was granted bail.”