King Diete-Spiff Urges Nigerians To Be Patriotic



From Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

The Amanayanabo of Twon-Brass in Bayelsa State, His Royal Majesty, King Alfred Diete-Spiff has called on Nigerians to show true patriotism to their country if actually they believe in Nigeria.

The Former Military Governor of old Rivers State made this call on Wednesday in Port Harcourt while speaking as a guest speaker in an Independence event organised by Christ Embassy Church.

He said the only things that could bring development and change in this country is when Nigerians strongly believe in Nigeria and show true patriotism to the country.

He called on Political office holders to see themselves as Nigerians and protect Nigeria’s inheritance as well as to seek national interest instead of personal interest.

He added that true patriotism to the country would make one to respect constituted authority, obedience to the law, to support planned programmes of the country and in a strong will to resist the temptation to perpetrate evil against the county.

Diete-Spiff said: “Let me tell you, if we are patriotic to this country, then we will have dynamic and purpose driven citizens who will bring change and development to the country. It is time to show true patriotism to the country.

“45 years ago we went through a painful part of civil war that nearly destroy the country and it will be ungraceful if we refuse to show true patriotism to this  great county. We must demonstrate true patriotism in all we do in this country.”

“I am calling on the youths of this country to rise and defend this country by showing true patriotism; the youths must love their country and get prepared to protect the country’s inheritance.”