Joy As Couple Get Triplet After 19 Years Of Waiting

Mrs. Chris Ekweozor with the triplet.jpg 3From Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

 In 1994, when Mr. and Mrs. Chris Daniel Ekweozor got married, they never anticipated that they would have to wait foal l of 19 years as husband and wife to experience the joy of parenthood. Having taken the oath to live as man and wife, Ifunanya, never could imagine a day when she would ask the love of her life to take another wife in order to have a child. Notwithstanding their tribulation and trial, they struggled to overcome the stigmatization and social pressures that come with childlessness. And today they live to tell the story of the trials that threatened to ruin the union. They kept on waiting upon the Lord with faith and to the glory of God they won the battle with the arrival of triplet they’ve decided to appropriately name Somtochukwu (Join Me In Thanking God), Nmesomachukwu (God’s Favour) and Kosisochukwu (As It Pleases God).

Not surprisingly, the children dedication held last Sunday at St. Andrews’ Anglican Church, Rumuobiokani, in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State attracted friends, relatives, family members and well-wishers who trooped in their numbers to rejoice with the Ekweozors. Indeed, it was a memorable celebration church members joined in thanksgiving.

Giving insight into her experience in the time of waiting, Ifunanya, who out of frustration urged her husband to get another wife, said the refusal of her husband to heed to her advice gave her more encouragement.

“After waiting for 18 years, one day as my husband was sleeping I woke him up. I had made up my mind to let go and to have peace. Then he was still sleeping but I tapped him again and said ‘please my husband, you have tried waiting for me but I am not a good friend because I could not get you a child, from today go and re-marry. I will support you and I will be with you.’ but my husband responded and said, ‘you are my wife, I will not re-marry, don’t worry yourself you will have a baby for me and it will be triplets, then you will have rest. I am telling you now because it is a prophecy from God,’ she said.

According to the mother of triplets, her husband’s reply didn’t make sense to he so moved away from him and went to the other room and locked herself inside and started crying, adding that she never knew it was time for God to listen to me.

“Another lesson I have learnt from this experience is that ability to wait for God. it is not easy but we must wait upon the Lord, the encouragement of my husband gave me more boldness because if I were to be in his position, I wouldn’t have been able to handle this issue the way he did, he is indeed a real child of God,” Ifunanya said.

The happy mother, who could not hold back her tears while giving her testimonies, said she almost lost the babies even after she became pregnant, adding that but for divine intervention. She narrated how she wanted to run a sperm test that would have damaged everything but God save her through a nurse in a staff clinic where the husband works.

“I pleaded with the nurse, that I had stayed 18 years without any child and she replied that there was nothing God could not do and that I should just forget about the test. I was totally desperate to do the sperm test because something was coming out of by body, so I thought I was going to die without the knowledge that I was pregnant,” she said.

“Had it been I have money with me, I would have gone to another clinic, maybe I wouldn’t have got these children today,” she added.

For those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, Ifunanya has only a simple message: “Trust God, He alone is the giver of babies, be bold and overlook whatever people may say against you , pray always and obey your husband. I almost gave up because it is not easy to bear, but sometime when it is getting too much to handle I will just hold myself and calm down.”

“Nineteen years is not nine days no man or woman could restore your hope except God. I want to use this opportunity to thank my in-laws for their courage and understanding throughout my trial, if I have the opportunity of coming out in this world again I will definitely get married to them, they are wonderful,” she said.

The father of the triplets, Pastor Chris Daniel Ekweozor who also presented a book titled:  “The Essence Of Family Altars,” during the children dedication said as a child of God he decided to enter into covenant with God.

“I was in a programme last year when God reminded me of his promises and said He would grant my heart desire but I must do His own part and then I said okay I would. I told my wife about the prophesy that she was going to deliver triplets and she didn’t believe it.”

“As a covenant child of God, my life is full of testimonies. I don’t need to preach much while on the Altar because the goodness of God in my life is visible all over me. Let me tell you, if you get married today and after five years there is no child, don’t worry. God is going to give you special children, all you need is to be holy.