Jonathan Planning To Postpone Elections, APC Alleges


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the Jonathan Administration of planing to postpone next month’s general elections.

According to the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Lai Mohammed, at a press conference in Lagos, the PDP led Federal Government would use the purported findings of the Department of State Security Service to postpone the elections.

It would be recalled that the DSS during a press conference addressed by its spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, in Abuja last Wednesday alleged that the APC of an elaborate plot to hack into the voters registration data base of the INEC, multiple registration of the party’s members and alleged registration of Armed Forces/Paramilitary personnel and babies by the party to inflate its membership.

He said: “We will like to tell all Nigerians that the crap called ‘findings’ is part of the ongoing efforts by the Jonathan Administration to postpone next month’s general elections. Having seen the handwriting on the wall vis-a-vis the growing rejection of the PDP by Nigerians, the Jonathan Administration has gone into a panic mode, while embarking on a plan to postpone the elections.

“Apparently, the thinking at the DSS, which is working in cahoots with the PDP, is that its report that the APC plans to hack into the voters’ registration Data Base of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will raise doubts about the integrity of the voter’s register to be used for the forthcoming polls, and subsequently force a postponement of the elections since the existing register cannot be used for the polls.

“Before you say our claim is outlandish, remember that some prominent Nigerians have publicly called for the postponement of the election – which can only benefit the Jonathan Administration and delay its impending Waterloo at the polls. Place the calls side by side with the apparently doctored outcome of the DSS investigations and the timing of the report’s release, and you will understand where they are coming from.

“Unfortunately for DSS and the PDP, this thinking was based on a wrong premise, as we will show shortly, and it has backfired,” he said.

Mohammed further said that “As we have said, the overall motive of the raid of our offices and the so-called findings is to give the impression that the INEC voter’s register has been corrupted; hence cannot be used for next month’s elections. Now, a more specific question: Why did the DSS break into the APC Data Centre at the time it did?

“It is no coincidence that the DSS raided the APC Data Centre on November 22, 2014, exactly one week before the start of the PVC distribution exercise on November 28.

“The reason the DSS came to vandalize our Data Centre is because the Service is working hand-in-hand with the PDP. They carried out the raids to know our party’s strength in terms of membership. Please note that after the raids, many of our registered members could not find their names on the list when they went to collect their PVCs. This is not a mere coincidence.”

Nigeria’s main opposition party Wondered why it would want to hack into INEC’s data base when the Permanent Voters Cards had already been printed. The party’s National Publicity Secretary, therefore, urged the DSS to be alive to their duties as an intelligence agency.

“We are not aware that INEC has made a complaint of anyone or group trying to hack into its system. The DSS ‘findings’ are baseless as INEC’S database is a reflection of the registered members with the Permanent Voter’s Cards (PVCs). Please note that at the time of the DSS’ raids, the PVCs had already been printed. Therefore, of what value would it be to hack into the system and input more names?

“Simply put, it is not possible for the APC to hack into the INEC Data Base for the following reasons: INEC’s database is not online, how then is it possible for anyone to hack into it? To prevent virus intrusion, there is no Internet service at the APC Data Centre that was raided. Therefore it is not possible to hack into INEC’s database.

“The DSS has claimed that hacking tutorials were discovered on an external hard drive. This is a lie! All the USB ports on the pc systems in the office were disabled to prevent virus intrusion. Therefore, the use of external hard drives is not allowed at the APC Data Centre. If this is so, how is it possible for an external hard drive containing these so-called hacking materials to be found on the premises of the APC Data Office?

“Please note that the work stations at our various data registration centres in the country are manned by unemployed youths with just basic computer knowledge. The question to ask is: Would the party have employed these people if the intent were to hack into INEC’s Data Base or employed gurus in the IT world?

“It is clear that the DSS purchased a hard drive and downloaded the information themselves from the Internet. After all, the DSS, by virtue of its duties, should be the hacking experts, hence hacking tutorials will be part of their staff induction training,” he said.