Jonathan Has Failed Own Test- Buhari


The Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) has hit out at President Goodluck Jonathan saying he failed the test he set for himself to run an issue based campaign.

Head, media, publicity and ICT, Buhari Support Organisation, Chidia Maduekwe said that while Presidents  worldwide usually drip with facts and records  of history when  addressing  an audience particularly during an election year while on their campaign trails, Jonathan choose rather to engage in attacking there’s on of the former president.

According to Maduekwe, “With PhD degree he is highly educated  to occupy the exalted  post of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in this case accessing facts should not ordinarily pose a problem.

“Verifiable records listed below has it that even with less oil revenue accruals to both the BUHARI and IBB regimes as compared to the heavy windfall which continued after Jonathan came into power about six years ago , the military then were by far  better taken care off with modern equipment welfare and high moral than now. Their glowing  global performance then can attest to this simple fact.

“Please refer to :Central Bank of Nigeria, Economic and Financial Review [Lagos], 23, June 1985, 80; and Economist Intelligence Unit, Country Profile: Nigeria, 1990-91, London, 1990, 25. Also Based on information from United States, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, 1972-1982, Washington, April 1984, table III, 95; and United States, Arms Controls and Disarmament Agency, World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, 1988, Washington, June 1989, table III, 111,” the statement said.

BSO noted that instead of the “Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to Mr. President assisting  Mr. President real time online with factual records  to  enable him run an issue based campaign is rather twitting away precious time on GMB age. At the same time, Mr. President is telling Nigerians that GMB cannot remember his phone number . What an irony, with the current  magnitude of insecurity, corruption and economic downturn facing this  country one is totally taken aback  with this revelation of the intellectual shallowness of decision making clique that has held this country hostage during the last six years. Fortunately, Nigerians are  saying  it loud and clear that the much younger PhD holding GEJ has failed to lead us out from the woods.

“We might just juxtapose the  very important views of President Ronal Regan during 1984 campaign for the presidency he said, he will not make age an issue in the campaign and will not exploit for political purposes the youth and inexperience of his opponent. Also that, “Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.’ And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying.” He went on to win that election with a historical landslide . He was  someone who had long  prepared for the post he sought for . Till this day  his record as the 40th President of The United States of America remains an iconic milestone in annals of American democratic dividends.

“Today our GMB combines both  features of Ronal Regan tendency and the circumstantial manifestation  of Abraham  Lincoln . As we approach  “FeBUHARI” 14th no amount of distortion shall derail the Change Train,” it said