Independence: Senate urges three tiers of govt. to work harder

Independence: Senate urges three tiers of govt. to work harder

The three tiers of government and leaders of the country have been challenged to work harder to return Nigeria to the path of economic growth, sustain and strengthening National unity.

This was the position of the Senate on Tuesday while deliberating on the motion moved by Senator Ita Enang and unanimously supported by other lawmakers noting that Nigeria as a nation have become a big player in international affairs within the comity of nations.

“Steadily and gradually in Nigeria, we are developing our domestic production capacity as an Independent Nation”. They said

Contributing on the debate, Senator Uche Chukwumerije said, “I want to clarify that it took Turkey only 21 years to transform to a highly modernized state, also, it took South East Asian countries less than 30 years to move to a developed country.

“With our 52 years as a country, I can only describe our country in one word that Nigeria is either a failed state or on the verge of being a failed state, a country that cannot meet the basic expectations of her people has failed in every way in making the basis of her social contract.

“So, we must therefore accept that reality that as of today Nigeria is a failed state or nearly a failed state. It has tremendous potentials, the greatest potentials though I believe that Nigeria is a sleeping giant in spite of all the hiccups here and there.

“One of the greatest difficulties facing us is what you call federal government and the issue of corruption most of you would agree with me, mediocrity and failures if we have to move forward we must face the greatest difficulties confronting our nation and that is the issue of corruption”.

Contradicting the Chukwumerjie submission, President of the Senate, David Mark said, “There is no gainsaying that we are where we would have love to be but certainly we are not there, but that is not to say that we haven’t made progress.

“I think that we have made some considerable achievements and for that alone we need to show gratitude to God we need to pray and work prayer alone will not solve the problem.

“I think more than anything else we just need political will to take our policies to logical conclusions whether it is at the executive level or legislative level or any other level the federal state or local government level and I believe that unless we are determined to politically pursue the decision taken that would of benefit to this country.

“We would still be where we are in another 10 to 20 years because the political will is lacking in so many areas. Local governments are not working because their funds are not getting to them, our leaders have refused to take decision that will be of benefit to this country, but with all these, we will always have reasons to thank God for Nigeria”