Imbibe The Ideals Of Servant-Leadership, Primate Okoh Tells Nigerian Leaders

Imbibe The Ideals Of Servant-Leadership, Primate Okoh Tells Nigerian Leaders

Paul Obiajunwo, PortHarcourt

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh has called on leaders at all levels to commit themselves to the ideals of servant-leadership.

Performing the dedication of The Chapel of Everlasting Grace built by the Wike administration for worship at the Government House, Port Harcourt on Tuesday, Primate Okoh said that leaders must lead with passion, strength and courage .

He stated that leadership is not what everyone should aspire to, because it requires sacrifice and personal loss.

Primate Okoh said: “If you don’t have the ability to serve, please stay away from leadership “.

He congratulated the people of Rivers State for electing a leader who has continued to serve them through the initiation and execution of meaningful projects.
He said: “I congratulate the governor for fulfilling his promise to the church by building an Ecumenical Centre for Christians. There are many dividends of democracy in the state “.

The cleric said that God’s presence in the Chapel of Everlasting Grace will always attract blessing to all those who worship in it.

He urged the concerned authority to complete the Bodo-Bonny road, to save the Bonny people from exposure to the elements. He said a community that generates the wealth of the country cannot suffer such neglect.

Speaking after the dedication of The Chapel of Everlasting Grace, Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike said he was motivated to construct the Chapel because of the need to have a befitting place of Christian worship in Government House.

He reiterated his commitment to the church. He said that his decision to build a chapel in Government House and the State Ecumenical Centre were callouts of the interaction he had with Christian leaders during the campaign.

Governor Wike stated that during the campaign, the opposition circulated concocted stories that he belonged to a cult. He said that he assured the clerics at the interaction section before the election that he has never been a cult member.

He said: “For us, our hope is in God. We cannot do without God.”

On the Bodo -Bonny Bridge abandoned by the Federal Government, Governor Wike urged that it should be completed to give the Bonny people a sense of belonging.

“Let the Federal Government come and complete the Bodo-Bonny bridge”, he said.

Christian leaders and senior government officials witnessed the dedication of The Chapel of Everlasting Grace.