Ibinabo Plans Scholarship Scheme For Less Privileged

Ibinabo Plans Scholarship Scheme For Less Privileged

President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima-Ebuka’s Scholarship opportunities for the less privileged that goes by the name, Ibinabo Care Foundation and its partners as part of their ‘Go To School’ scheme.

The aim according to the organisers is to assist young children whose parents cannot afford to give them education, or have dropped out of school due to financial challenges.

“An Educational Fund will be set up for then with our Partner Bank, Heritage Bank and their parents will be able to access the funds whenever they need to pay for their educational needs. This year, the scheme will be assisting five children ‘Go To School.’ Criteria for selection: Child must be below age 10; Is not attending a high end school at the moment.”

To become eligible, the candidates are required to prove that their parent cannot afford the cost of sending them to school or they have even dropped out, despite their good academic performance.

Also, it is expected that “the child should be schooling and residing in Nigeria.”

After screening and investigation by a board, five children will be selected and awarded the scholarships, the organisers said, urging all to bring forward anyone who fits the profile requirement.

“Please send in an application to the below listed emails addresses. A form will be sent to you to be completed by the parent or guardian of the child. If you also want to be a part of the scheme or want to assist any child, you can write us via the emails.

The presentation day will be on 13 January (so hurry with the application).

The event also marks the Birthday of the proprietor of Ibinabo Care Foundation, Ibinabo Fiberesima. She will be presenting the scholarships along with other colleagues and celebrities.