Hurray As Yvonne Jegede Is Set To Tie The Knot

Hurray As Yvonne Jegede Is Set To Tie The Knot

Edo born actress, Yvonne Jegede is a happy woman by any standard and at a time like this.

She is happy for two major reasons. First, she recently marked her 33rd birthday.

The most significant is may perhaps be the fact that she got a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Olakunle Fawole aka Abounce.

Of late she has been keeping a low profile and the reason is not farfetched as she explains, “I have lived alone for almost all my life, now I have someone and we live together. Now, I’m in a relationship. I have to be wife and I won’t have to talk to the four walls of the room anymore. I have someone to share my life with, so I have more activities around me. It now makes a lot of difference.

“My love affair was such a secret, because I don’t like talking about my relationship. I love my privacy. We are already public figures, so we need to be more careful with our private lives and relationship. It was after he proposed that I started putting up our pictures on social media.”