How To Reform The Police – Okiro


Former Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro was Wednesday inaugurated as the Chairman, Police Service Commission alongside members of the Commission by President Goodluck Jonathan. He spoke to State House Correspondents and said he would look at the welfare package of the Police.


How to reform the police.

We will look at the instant laws and see the areas that the Police Service Commission is supposed to act to reform the Nigerian Police force and if it is an issue that requires the handiwork and cooperation of everybody, the press, you people, Nigerians and the Police officers themselves have to open up their minds for reform.

Why police perform better outside.

The reasons are far reaching, one you can find out that the environment is different, the people are different and also, the equipment and all of what to work with. The Nigerian Police officers while rendering service outside this country under the United Nations, they give them the wherewithal to do the work.

You have been part of the system, is it not an indictment?

It is not an indictment on the system neither is it on the Presidency or me. What we are talking about is that time changes, society is dynamic. What happened few years ago is not what is happening now. You know at that time there was no Boko Haram but there is right now. So you have to work as the situation demands at the moment and at the time. So what I am going to do now is to look at what is making the police not to perform optimally at this time, at this period of our nation’s history. I will try and address those issues.

Any good news for the Rank and File.

I disagree with you. From ACP up are not feeling very happy. Many of them have no houses, the morale of the police is quite low, they need to be motivated, you have to look into what to make them perform optimally. If you give somebody something to work with, he works well for you. If you pay somebody very well, he works very well for you. If you give somebody pittance, you get pittance service from him. So we have to look at the welfare of the police first and foremost.