Group To Protest Domestic Slavery In Nigeria


By Paul Obiajunwo Port Harcourt

A group, Morris Jordan Arts and Freedom Initiative (MAFI) has said it would partner with civil society groups to protest against domestic slavery and other forms of slavery in Nigeria.

MAFI, the publisher of the bestselling novel, ‘My House Help is Gone’   made this statement yesterday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital while distributing the novel to indigent secondary school students in the state.

The group, which describes itself as a freedom fighter, said independence of Nigeria lacked humanitarian conduct, which does not protect the freedom and interest of Nigerians.

The leader of the group, Austin Joe Tenor, said the current novel, which has been approved by Ministry of Education and used to set the recent junior secondary school examination has a message that could abolish slavery in Nigeria.

He noted that despite the practice of democracy in Nigeria many people were deeply involved in domestic, corporate and political slavery, which he believe could be abolished if Nigerians rise up against it.

“The novel, ‘My House Help is Gone’ has the answer and the message to eliminate the evil practices called slavery especially domestic slavery where madam and masters have assume a total control of other people’s lives and destinies  in the name of house help,” he said.

He said further: “I am surprised that despite the official global abolition of slavery in 18th century and the political independence granted Nigeria in 1960 yet there are more forms of slavery being introduce in the system on daily basis.

“We are going to partner with the civil society groups because very soon we are going to the street for a peaceful protest against all form of slavery, especially domestic slavery.”