Gitto, donor of controversial church, dies

Gitto, donor of controversial church, dies
Italian Businessman, Domenico  Gitto, the man whose company was at the centre of a controversial donation of a church to President Jonathan’s community has died in yet unclear circumstances.
The Post understands that Gitto died in Nigeria on Wednesaday,  after what some of his staff described as pressure from some of the banks his company owed huge debts.
Gitto’s firm, Gitto Construzioni Generali Nigeria Limited, once donated a church building to the Anglican  Church to Otueke, President Jonathan’s home raising fears of that the president using his position to influence businesses to make donations to him and his community.
 Among the banks Gitto is said to be owing is Union bank, which is said to be the largest creditor to the scion of the Italian mafia clan, Provenzano.  Sources said he is owing  the troubled bank about  N10billion naira and is reported to have seized some of the company’s heavy equipment it uses for construction.
Gitto is also said to have been dragged to court by  Diamond bank  for a debt of N6billion naira while another bank, FCMB,  was said to have written to the Federal Ministry of Works asking that all money to be paid Gitto by the ministry be paid to the bank to cover the outstanding debts owed the bank.
All Gittto’s compamy’s  debts are alleged to be  bad loans as the company has failed to meet its obligations to the banks involved and a lot of people believed he  Gitto agreed to build the “church gift” edifice in Otueke in order to curry favours from President Goodluck Jonathan and probably find a way out of his  debt woes.  
.Gitto arrived  in Nigeria in allegedly on the invitation of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and he wormed his way into the hearts of top government officials, winning in the process many juicy construction contracts such as the National Ecumenical Centre.
His company is believed to be handling many big projects for the Federal Government including the Shagari Presidential complex and the East-West Road.