Fracas In House oF Reps As Gbajabiamila’s Loyalists Attempt To Seize Mace

Fracas In House oF Reps As Gbajabiamila’s Loyalists Attempt To Seize Mace

An attempt by members of the House of Representatives loyal to former Minority Leader, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, to snatch the mace threw green chamber into a commotion on Thursday.

Drama started immediately after the arrival of the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, had taken daily prayer following which he called on a member, Hon. Oker Jeff from Benue to move for an executive session.

It was then that lawmakers loyal to Femi Gbajabamila led by Hon. Abdullahi Salame from Sokoto moved in protest toward the mace and grabbed it.

The scuffle, which involved the attempted mace snatchers and men of the Sergeant-at-Arm was letter joined by PDP lawmakers who took the side of Speaker Dogara with some of them going to form a protective shield around him.

The struggle for the mace lasted for about 20 minutes with the Sergeant-at-arm men aided by Dogara loyalists made up of APC and other opposition lawmakers succeeding in rescuing the mace to a safe place.

As the imbroglio lingered, both Speaker Dogara and Hon. Gbajabiamila sat calmly on their seats without making any move.

Lawmakers loyal to Gbajabiamila chanted slogans such as: ”all we are saying, give us Gbaja” albeit shouting ”APC”, while their PDP counterparts responded saying ”shame” to every mention of APC.

The fracas involved lawmakers pushing and wrestling one another to the ground with some others throwing law books also known as encyclopaedia of parliament at the direction of the Speaker while his loyalists responded by throwing same back at them.

Hon. Hassan Garba Ado-Doguwa from Kano stepped unto to the table that hitherto held the law books to chant APC and was violently pushed down by opposing lawmakers.

The impasse was still on as at the time of filling this report as nobody can tell when nomalcy will return to the chamber that’s at the moment without its symbol of authority (mace)