First Lady, Patience Jonathan, returns from medical treatment

First Lady, Patience Jonathan, returns from medical treatment

Contrary to rumour that she had died in a Germany hospital, Nigeria’s first lady, Patience Jonathan flew into the country yesterday afternoon hale and hearty.

Sporting a multi-coloured dyed kampala attire, the first lady was surrounded by a small crowd of people who had gone to the airport to welcome her.

Hours before her arrival, attempts to get details about her journey were not successful as both security operatives and airport officials refused to disclose, whether or not she has departed Germany; and when she will be arriving.

Mrs Jonathan who arrived about 4pm yesterday looks a bit frail but in good spirit. She spoke briefly stopping intermittently to thank her supporters and dignitaries who had come to welcome her.

The crowd consisting mostly of women, youth groups and traditional dancers, dressed in colourful outfit sang and danced, thanking God for her safe arrival.

She declared that she neither did cosmetic surgery to trim her shape as widely reported.

She thanked God for her replenishing her health, while appreciating the concern, prayers and well wishes of Nigerians while she was away. She was, shortly thereafter, driven out of the airport to the presidential.

“God has given be a second chance to come and work with women of Nigeria, children and the less privileged. I have come to serve Nigeria, I have come to work with Nigerians, I am there for them. Once more I am pleased to be back. I love Nigerians they are my family,” she said.

Female ministers and some presidential aides were at the airport to welcomed Mrs. Jonathan.

The First Lady took on cynics who insinuated that she was going to die like Gen. Sani Abacha, Stella Obasanjo and President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua..

“They are few Nigerians that are saying whatever they like not what God planned because God has a plan for all of us. And God has said it all that when two or three are gathered in his name that he will be with them. And Nigerians gathered and prayed for me and God listened and heard their prayers, so I thank God for that,” she said.

“I have to explain what God has done for me. I do not have terminal illness, neither did I do any cosmetic surgery, talk more or less of tommy tuck. My husband loves me as I am and I am pleased with how God created me I cannot add anything.

“But at the same time, I will use this opportunity to thank my beloved husband and my children and my staff in general and all Nigerians for standing by me during my trial time.

Mrs Jonathan, who was hospitalised at the Horst Schmidt Klinik Germany for an undisclosed ailment.