FG $30m Borrowing Plan Unnecessary – Aremu

FG $30m Borrowing Plan Unnecessary – Aremu

Chris Steven, Abuja

General Secretary of the Textile and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria(NUTGTWN),Isa Aremu has advised the Federal Government to jettison its $30million dollar borrowing plan and look inward to reflate the economy.

He said it would be foolhardy for a nation like Nigeria which brands itself “Giant of Africa” to go hand in cap begging for loans from foreign sources, when it has enormous resources at its disposal.

According to Aremu,Nigerian leaders ought to have learnt a great deal of leadership qualities from the late Fidel Castro of Cuba who resisted sanctions imposed on them by powerful nations and grew its economy from the scratch.

He spoke on Thursday in Abuja, at a programme of tribute organised by the Nigeria Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress in honour of the late Castro.

Aremu also criticised the Federal Government for not deeming it fit to send top representatives to attend Castro’s funeral,saying the selfless life late Castro lived for Cubans and Africans in general was deserving of a better posthumous honour.

“I commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his message of condolence to Cubans over the death of their leader,Fidel, but I was not happy that no Nigerian of high repute was at the funeral, even though some African leaders like South African President,Jacob Zuma, Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe among others were there.

Acting President of the Nigeria Labour Congress,Peters Adeyemi who eulogized Castro,said no matter what side of the ideological divide anyone belongs, no one could deny the fact that Fidel ran his country from grass to grace, providing quality education, health care, housing and all other basic needs for his people.

According to NLC President, the late Castro even went as far as extending access to qualitative education and health care to citizens of other countries, including Nigeria, despite a global conspiracy that isolated his country from global trade till date.

Adeyemi said,”even his enemies recognise the fact that he provided good governance for his people, despite low resources of economic values. He managed to provide quality life for his people without borrowing money from external sources.

“Without renouncing his ideological beliefs by approaching neo liberal institutions for policies that would have clearly derailed his mission and purpose; indeed, without compromising the ideological threshold of his country’s success.

“Fidel was indeed, a towering, fearless political leader whose ideas and actions built a followership of significant substance across the world.

“Fidel proved to the world that even with very little resources, a good leader can successfully resist the intimidation of the richest country in the world. This can only be possible with a leader who had the entire people with him because he succeeded in not just palliating their pains but removing such pains without blinking.

“Through him, Cuba extended assistance to liberation groups across the world, especially countries under all sorts of oppression groaning in severe contraptions of countries that depend on exploiting other countries to develop theirs. His country, under him, supported the anti apartheid struggle in South Africa.

“He supported struggles for independence in Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia, to name just a few. Cuba supported Ethiopians against unnecessary attacks from Somalia. Cuba under his leadership did not stop supporting these countries even after their various struggles but continued in rebuilding their societies especially through medical and educational training assistance. Many Nigerian doctors received their training in Cuba. Not a few received and are still receiving medical treatment in Cuba”.