Fatal Accident Victim Begs Government To Assist Him Walk Again

Fatal Accident Victim Begs Government To Assist Him Walk Again

Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

Two years ago, a fatal motor accident that occurred along Igwuruta road in Ikwerre Local government of Rivers State confined Mr.Dike Angus, a church security officer to bed.  Since then, he had been bed-ridding struggling with his emotion and trauma to see how he could walk again to carter for his family. But he believes that if Government would take him to bone specialist and take care of the bill he will walk again.

Narrating how he  regain his consciousness after the accident,  Dike, father of eleven children said his driver was on high speed when their vehicle colluded with trailer and everybody was confirmed death except him who was unconscious as he was told.

He revealed that the vehicle separated from its joints when the accident occurred, “it was a small car with five passengers. We boarded it from Igwuruta to Omegwa in Ikwerre Local government of Rivers State on November 19th 2012. Everybody that boarded the vehicle died except me. Though, somehow I was also declared death because at that point according to those who saw me there was nothing in me that look like I was alive. The driver was in a high speed and he colluded with heavy duty truck that is the only thing I could remember. The rest story is what I heard from people when I regain myself.

 “When I woke up from the hospital bed they told me that nobody survived. With the level of injury at my laps I was not surprised, then, I saw enough reasons to thank God for my life. I have eleven children some of them are no longer going to school. All we are thinking now is how to eat. Even when I am not in this condition things were very difficult for me, I was working as a church security before the accident happened. All I need now is help from anybody to walk again so that I could go out to struggle for the survival of my family.”

He said in spite of his condition, he knows he could make it again, adding that he has been bed-ridding for so long making it difficult for him to get N300, 000 which his bone doctor said would be enough to make him walk.

“I want to walk again, and I know with the advice of my bone doctor I will, I am begging, the governor of Rivers State under Chief Nyesome Wike, the Chairman of Ikwerre Local government area, Hon. Best man Amadi to assist me financially, I need N300, 000 to get out of the bed, there are things my bone doctor wants to buy because I am owing him he could not do anything than to wait when I will bring more money. To be frank, he has helped me; he had made me to start moving my legs even stand with it. But there are more to do if there is money.

“Since this accident happened most of my friends and relatives have not been coming closer to me, I have spent all the money I had, there is nothing left again. The present condition of my family is a very serious problem to me.  I am the breadwinner of my family; my wife is not doing anything for now. The society we are living is not encouraging, politicians and privilege individuals are moving millions on daily basis but somebody somewhere is dying because of N1000. What a wonderful world. But I know even if the whole world would abandon me, God will surely see me through.”