Family planning is killing Nigeria- Catholic secretariat

Family planning is killing Nigeria- Catholic secretariat

The catholic Secretariat of Nigeria has lamented what it described as the deceptive nature of family planning system to manage the nation’s population saying that contraceptives given to women cause sterility.

This was as the secretariat also berated the federal government over its inability to handle population growth in the country.

It said it is appalled at the lack of critical thinking on the issues of population dynamics, technological advancement, social progress and national economic development by the federal government.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja yesterday, Most Reverend Gabriel Dunia of the Secretariat said that population health is best realised through openness and respect for the cherished values of peoples.

His words: ” realistically, education especially of the girl child is readily the most effective means to actualise population management. Not the promotion and mass distribution of condoms, pills or chemical injections which expose our women and girls to grave dangers; high blood pressure, excessive bleeding, body over weight, erratic menstrual functions, infertility, or the latest strategy of sterilizing women in rural communities”

He stated that Nigeria should learn from the experience of other countries noting that those developed countries that previously pursued family planning and aggressive population control are now suffering the so-called demographic winter.

Revd Dunia while adding that their population is unable to sustain their manpower needs such that couples are now being offered incentives to bear children stressed that the Asian Tigers are already experiencing economic prosperity due to human power and their technological wizardry.

He called on the Federal Ministry of Health to include natural family planning training and services when disbursing the$11.5billion budgeted for family planning commodities.

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