Family Petitions Jonathan over mother’s death

Family Petitions Jonathan over mother’s death

THE family of Chief Ikedi Mpamugo of Ndoro Oboro in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State has petitioned the Presidency and Minister of Health, over the death of their mother Mrs Eunice Ikedi-Mpamugo.

The family alleged that she died alleging that their mother, who died at the Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, was killed by the sloppiness of the doctors at the hospital.

“The medical staff who were responsible for her care and treatment at the hospital were incompetent, derelict in their duty and negligent in their treatment and care of our mother during the time she was on admission at the hospital.”

In the petitions signed by the husband and head of the family, Chief Ikedi Mpamugo, the family claimed that their late mother did not get “appropriate treatment “, saying that they were convinced that if appropriate treatment was given to her she would “be alive today as the injuries she sustained [in an accident] were not life-threatening.”

Ikedi-Mpamugo family further accused the management of Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia of refusing to carry out an autopsy as requested by the family to ascertain what actually killed their mother and therefore called on the Minister to compel the management of the hospital to conduct an autopsy on late Mrs. Ikedi-Mpamugo.

They said their request for an autopsy was based on their “strong fear and believe that their mother’s folder in the hospital may have been doctored”. The family also requested that a member or its representative be included in the medical team to carry out the medical investigation on their mother’s death.

The hospital’s management initially agreed to conduct an autopsy. In a letter dated 22 June 2012, the medical director of the hospital, Abali Chukwu said an autopsy would be done. He however said refused to allow the inclusion of her dead woman’s family in the team.

According to Mr Abali, the hospital’s management has constituted an internal panel to investigate the claim. He assured the family that “members of the panel were carefully selected, dispassionate and knowledgeable staff.”

However, the family till date claimed that no medical inquiries were conducted. They are alleging cover-up on the part of the management of the hospital as they suspect that “certain drugs prescribed by the medical team managing her case was administered, injected into her body system” which resulted in her felling into coma and subsequent death.

The family challenged the hospital to give them the result if there was any autopsy on their mother.

Effort to confirm from the hospital if the autopsy was actually conducted failed as the Mr Abali refused to pick several telephone calls put to his mobile phone. He also refused to reply to a text message sent to him on the matter by our Correspondent.

Also, the Public Relations Officer of the hospital who spoke with the correspondent on at least two occasions on the issue and promised to meet with the medical director and get back to our correspondent never did.