Experts Bemoan Global Hunger In Midst Of Plenty


From Paul Obiajunwo, Port Harcourt

Stakeholders in Rivers State have called for global collaboration towards equitable distribution of food to check widespread hunger in a world that produces enough to feed itself.

This was the consensus of experts at a two day stakeholders forum organised in Port Harcourt by the African Centre For Environmental Protection (ACEP) to mark the 2013 World Environment Day (WED).

Establishing the value of the occasion in relation to the 2013 WED on the theme, “THINK, EAT, SAVE”, Chairperson/Director of ACEP, Mrs. Kaine China, noted as a disturbing paradox that the hundreds of millions of tons of food produced globally are adequate to feed the people yet one billion of the world 8billion population suffer and die of starvation.

Other resource persons including R.M. Ossai, National President, Waste Management Society of Nigeria and Engr. Emeka Nnachukwu, President of the Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, said unhealthy wastefulness among high producing nations and ineptitude and refusal to take action among less producing ones is in the heart of the uneven food distribution.

The gathering advocated prudence in food consumption and relaxation of trade restrictions for even access to adequate food by the disadvantages societies as strong steps towards eradicating mass hunger, a step they say will also drastically reduce environmental consequences of food waste in society.

Mrs. China also used the occasion to stress the importance of tree planting, adding that “An average size tree produces enough Oxygen in one year to keep a family of four breathing. This year, ACEP has planted 400 trees and aiming for one million by 2020,’’