We Expect Buhari to Make Positive Impact on Nigerians Now – Archbishop Okoh

We Expect Buhari to Make Positive Impact on Nigerians Now – Archbishop Okoh

Chris Steven,Abuja

Primate of Church of Nigeria and Archbishop of Anglican Communion,Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh has said it behoves President Muhammadu Buhari to use the next 365 days in office to create positive impact in the lives of Nigerians.

He described the first one year in office of the President as a period of cleansing and preparation for the challenges ahead,noting that since the problems of the country have now been articulated and taken into perspective,the time has come to deliver on his mandate.

“We believe that, so far the first year has been okay because of the difficulties of the time and between now and the next one year we are looking forward to something more direct,”Okoh said.

Although the meeting held behind closed doors,Archbishop Okoh told State House Correspondents shortly after they met with President that they also discussed means of putting a stop to the wave of pipeline vandalism and herdsmens attacks in the country.

He also disclosed that part of the reasons they were in the Villa was to congratulate Buhari on his stewardship in office in the last 365 days.

Okoh lamented the delay and intrigues that characterised the 2016 budget,saying it accounted for late implementation of the budget.

He expressed optimism that the lessons learnt from the late passage of the 2016 budget will be instrumental in preparing that of 2017.

“Impact in terms of something that will get to the people easily,so far for the first year its been trying to clear the table,prepare the place,make the work move forward, we look forward to a better 2016-2017 budget year.

“You could see that with the long delay in passage of the 2016 budget,especially the issue of padding we were not able to begin easily.

“So the next one, we know, will be better that is why we are talking in that way,its okay for now but it could be better.

“We told the President many things, part of our discussion was that we are all looking for solution to issues of the herdsmen,issue of pipeline vandalism, insecurity and many other challenges because the people are asking us and we want to have explanation for the people whom we lead,”he said.