Economic Recovery Underway, Buhari’s Health Dicey, Prophet Warns

Economic Recovery Underway, Buhari’s Health Dicey, Prophet Warns
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By Ajibola Abayomi

Prophet Samuel Owoyemi, the Presiding Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), God of Mercy, Matogun, Ogun State stood tall among the crowd prior to the 2015 election when he predicted victory for President Muhammadu Buhari months before the poll.

He also predicted the financial crisis that rocked ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s government and second term for Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, the first to achieve that fit in the state since the second republic days of late Governor Bola Ige among other things against all odds when the nation was different sides of the divide.

The man of God during an exclusive chat with THEPOST has some world of consolation for Nigerians this year.

His words: “Those that have laboured in the Lord with pain and prayer in 2016 will celebrate in 2017.

“God has listened to their cries. He will make them laugh.

“Over 60 percent of Nigerians will experience relief from the economic recession as there will be prosperity in the land.

“President Buhari will introduce some policies that will eventually turn around the nation. Unlike in the year 2016 where less than 20 percent of Nigerians could barely stand on their feet, this New Year will be different.

“But on the other hand let no one be fooled that the blessings of God will fall like free manner. We are living in last days as stated in the Bible. The economy of the world can’t be rosy, because the coming of Jesus Christ is at hand.  Nations will continue to rise against nations, so also governments against governments. Let the faithful fear not. The almighty is with them because all these are just the beginning of what to come.

“If Buhari even relinquishes power today let it be on record that I said there can never be a government that will meet all the aspirations and wishes of the people. Nevertheless, the children of God have nothing to fear as thousands shall continue to fall by their sides in 2017, yet no evil shall befall them.”

Owoyemi thereafter revealed prophesies concerning government and other developments saying: “While in a trance, I saw Buhari in a white cloth staggering in the midst of people dressed in black attires that were firmly rooted on their seats. The Lord explained to me that the President has good intentions for the nation but he is already enslaved by those who do not have the love of the nation at heart.

“Buhari needs to pray to survive evil plots against him in so many areas.  Many of the people that are dressed in black attires are in his cabinet. They have been in government for some times and are experienced politicians but very selfish and ungodly. If care is not taken they will frustrate him. The Lord also revealed to me that Buhari should watch his health. There are clear signs that he may fall sick. The coast is very cloudy concerning his health.

“There will be cabinet reshuffle however the President should not see himself as angel or a highland of knowledge. He must be prayerful and guided by wise counsel and stop being a hardliner, otherwise frustration will set in and he will lose focus.

“The security agencies must be up and doing to forestall activities of kidnapers because it will be rampant in the year. All hands must be on deck to put the criminals at bay.”

On the global scene, the prophet said, because the kingdom of God has suffered violence and violence has taken it by force since the days of John the Baptist:  “This year, leading countries in the world like (United States of) America, Spain, Britain, Saudi Arabia and many others will experience disasters and terror attacks, but with prayer, God will show mercy to the nation that seeks Him.

“No man should put himself in the position of God concerning prophecy. If the people will have a change of heart, God is always willing to turn away His anger. All He is asking for is repentance” said Owoyemi.