Scare As IRS Plane Makes Emergency Landing


There was panic on Sunday in Kaduna as an IRS Airline plane from Lagos to Kaduna made an emergency landing dropping all its 89 passengers on the tarmac.

The aircraft’s hydraulic system was reported to have developed a problem forcing the pilot to ask ground control to confirm that all gears were down and locked.

“The front tyres didn’t come out on time and the pilot had to land the plane without its tyres out,” a source said.

Conforming the near mishap, Capt. Fola Akinkuotu, Director-General of the NCAA, said that the pilot was able to land the aircraft with registration number, 5N-HIR, even after he discovered that hydraulic was leaking from one of its engines.

He said that the authority had directed the airline to tow the aircraft to an apron, adding that the Accident Investigation Prevention Bureau (AIPB) had already begun an investigation into the incident.

Akinkuotu, who cautioned Nigerians against magnifying the incident, assured air travellers of their safety.

An Associated Airline chartered flight crashed shortly after take off from the Lagos Airport on October 3, 2013 killing 13 people on board.

There are, however, no details if there was any casualty as information from aviation authorities were still sketchy.

The near air mishap is coming at a time attention is focused on the aviation sector.

On Friday, the AIPB listed human error as one of the causes of the Associated Airline flight crash but there are also questions regarding the efficiency of the existing regulatory environment.

Some have suggested that the Associated Airline aircraft, for instance, was supposed to be on a test flight but was diverted for the ill-fated chartered flight.